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We believe in long term relationship with our customers and work hard to provide them the best output at reasonable prices.

About us

Ashoka Impex, constantly evolving

Continuous Progress in our exporting service has brought us a long way towards our customers.

We are in the business of quarrying and exports of granites, since 1991. Our firm has entered into a quarry lease for excavating granite blocks from leased land. We have our own arrangements of quarrying. We are planning to introduce the latest Mining technology by using double blade and Diamond wire saw and not using explosives. Due to our continuous supply to the foreign buyers, the buyers are insisting the supply of slabs, tiles and various articles made out of granite.

The company is very popular due to its supply of Guna black granite to Europe and MU-A black granite blocks to Japan and China. Due to the limited production, we supply granites only to the existing customers. Hence due to the increased demand we are planning to produce more in the future days. Since there is a demand for the black granite, the promoter decided to start a 100% EOU. We have also decided to set up a state of art granite polishing unit.

We choose for you.

Ashoka Impex provides you with a wide range of choices in products.Its known for its quality ,reliability and delivery.Our granite products are of best quality and recommendable.The sharp finishing gives a high point to our company...!! Ashoka Impex is 100% Export Oriented Unit(EOU). With our dedication & best exporting quality we have reached a high level of respect in our customers eyes And that is the goal we had to achieve.

Give you a variety.


A man who makes the team stronger and fullfills the customer needs.

Mr.Ashoka Shetty Maniyur


Mr. Ashoka Shetty is a B.Com graduate, with more than 25yrs of experience in the granite quarrying & international trading. He has been in the granite business in the last 25yrs and has travelled frequently to Europe, Japan & China to establish a good cliental base.